The front cover of 1666

Cover Art - 1666

One of the elements of 1666 that I’m most pleased with is the striking and incredibly professional look of the cover. It’s eye-catching, balanced, and remarkably intricate; it encapsulates elements of the novel and really captures the feeling that I was going for. To say that I’m pleased with it redefines the term “understatement”.

The cover art is the work of Vancouver-based designer Jeff Sobol. He’s a brilliant artist to work with; simultaneously creative and open minded, willing to work with an author to produce the best, most interesting work through a collaborative review process.

Jeff is a professionally trained designer who has worked for major corporations like Best Buy Canada in a design role, and is one of the two master-minds behind the unique gaming site Fire Team Zulu. If you’re considering having your own book published, or you’re interested in working with a skilled, innovative creative professional, there is no one I can recommend more highly than Jeff.

If you’re looking to use Jeff’s services please contact me directly and I’ll put you in touch.

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